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Online Legal Documents with Do it Yourself Lawyer is a fast, convenient library of Lawyer written quality legal documents, contracts and templates including free samples.

Starting your own business, and drafting your own contracts can be done by everyone! Do it Yourself and be your own lawyer. Download online Legal Documents to be edited by you.  We also have Free Legal Contracts and Forms available and Free Legal Samples.  All the resources you need are right  here. We have legal documents drafted by lawyers ready for you to download and use. It’s easy:

  1. Find the document you need.
  2. Download the document and drafting notes. Save it to your computer. Use it as many times as you like.
  3. Edit the document, print and sign.
  4. Done!

If you want the help of a lawyer, you can get in contact with the lawyers who drafted the document in the first place. Get a quote to review and edit your document if you want to be absolutely sure.

What’s stopping you? It’s everyone’s right to represent themselves and handle their own legal work. Get to work. Be your own lawyer and create your Online Legal Documents.


Be Sure to check our Good Reads Section with a number of books written by lawyers for more information and help on specific topics like:- 


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