Coaching Agreement


A Coaching Agreement is for coaches to use with their clients.  All types of coaching including, life coaches, performance coaches & personal coaches.  There are three parts to a coaching agreement which include :-  disclosure,fee agreement & a  page for clients to fill in their personal information.  Below are the table of contents included in the Coaching Agreement.

Coaching Agreement

1.1 Estimates
1.2 Time based billing
1.3 Professional Fees
1.4 Expenses & Disbursements
1.5 Estimate of Costs
1.6 Billing arrangements
1.7 Payment terms
1.8 Interest on unpaid costs
1.9 Persons responsible for your matter and legal costs
1.10 Substantial changes to disclosure
1.11 Engagement of another Coach

2.1 Offer
2.2 Acceptance
2.3 Termination of Agreement
2.4 Lien
2.5 Retention of your documents
2.6 Privacy Protection
2.7 Electronic Communication
2.8 Security for costs
2.9 Disclaimer
2.10 Applicable law

3.1 Contact Information
3.2 Employment Information
3.3 Personal Information

You can download this Coaching Agreement in word format and just delete the parts you don’t need.  You just add your own letterhead and you are ready to go.

The author of this Agreement is Eric Kalde he is both a lawyer and a qualified coach himself, having completed a Certificate in Transpersonal Coaching qualification in 2010.