Employment Contracts


Employment Contracts with Free Samples covers all aspects of law including: letter confirming employment, deed of release on termination. Scroll down to see more. See also Industrial Relations.

Employment Contracts

Employment Contract

Contract set out as a Deed, with introduction and operative part. Includes:

  • Interpretation
  • Employment, Duties, Obligations
  • Term
  • No Competition clause
  • Faithful service
  • Remuneration
  • Expenses
  • Annual, Long Service, Sick Leave
  • Termination
  • Return of company property after termination
  • Post-termination competition restrictions
  • Notices
  • Whole agreement
  • Proper law
  • No approaches to employees or directors of the company
  • Severability

6 pages long.



Employment Agreements

Employment Contract with Schedule

Employment Contract with variables in a Schedule, with introduction and operative part. Includes:

  • Commencement Date and Term
  • Job Title and Description
  • Place of Work
  • Time of Work
  • Salary, Deductions and Expenses
  • Superannuation
  • Annual Leave
  • Avoiding Conflict of Opportunities
  • Confidential Information
  • Non-Solicitation
  • Termination of Employment
  • Severability
  • Notices and Contact Information
  • Modification of Agreement
  • Governing Law
  • General Provisions

The Schedule contains information relating to:

  1. Commencement date:
  2. Hours of work:
  3. Job Description:
  4. Duties:
  5. Weekly wage “the Salary”:
  6. Annual leave:

 6 pages long.


Employment Agreements

Employment contract Business Development Manager

Agreement for a Business Development Manager (BDM) with incentives for performance. In the form of a letter confirming employment. The letter confirms that employment is being offered, and sets out the full terms. The terms offer a sales position and include details of:

  • Commission structure
  • Commission accelerators
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Key Performance Indicators

Remuneration package is made up of salary and non salary items such as payment of expenses. Also covers the usual topics relating to employment such as:

  • Salary review
  • Deductions
  • Overpayments
  • Probationary period
  • Hours of work
  • Annual leave, long service leave
  • Sick leave
  • Skill, training, presentation
  • Confidentiality
  • Intellectual property

The document concludes with a recital by the employee indicating their agreement to the terms by signing and returning a copy of the letter.  14 pages long.


Employment Agreements

Release on termination of employment

General release on termination of employment due to redundancy. Employee acknowledges acceptance of terms of redundancy. Employee undertakes to: return all property, maintain confidentiality and acknowledges they have had the opportunity to consider the package and obtain independent legal advice. Fully formatted in Microsoft word, ready to download edit and use. 2 pages long.



Employment Agreements

Letter confirming employment

A simple letter confirming employment. The letter is designed  to be given in duplicate to the employee. It contains a clause at the end which the employee signs and returns to the employee, creating a binding contract.  3 pages long.



Employment Agreements

Letter confirming employment + schedule

Letter confirming employment with general terms and conditions in an annexure signed by the employer. Designed  to be given in duplicate to the employee.  Contains a clause the employee signs in acceptance of the employment offered. 6 pages long.