Media Production Agreements

Media Production Agreements
Media Production Agreements

Media Production Agreements collection includes agreements for the production and development of television documentaries, music recording and multimedia projects.    It is a very complex field of law.

Practitioners are directed to the click-here   Practice Guide   to ensure the practitioner is aware of the important issues to be addressed.

TV show production agreement

A tri partite agreement between Producer, Artist and Artist’s Agent to produce a promotional documentary video.

  • The producer bears all the cost and risk
  • Preliminary budget and promotional reel
  • Producer to secure funding & pre sales
  • Producer to have full artistic control
  • Artist and agent to have input in production
  • Copyright ownership
  • Use of copyright material
  • Allocation of revenue
  • Distribution
  • Termination for breach
  • Warranties
  • Indemnities
  • Releases

This precedent was created for a producer who is making a promotional documentary on a speculative basis, is bearing the cost and therefore wishes to recoup its outlay and share in the proceeds (if any). . 9 pages long.


TV show production agreement – FREE SAMPLE


Multimedia development finance agreement

Funding agreement between a financier and producer. The financier is providing funds to develop a concept into a multimedia product.

  • The financier provides the funds
  • The producer develops the concept
  • Financier is granted rights as surety
  • Funds are provided in instalments
  • Milestones be completed before each instalment is paid
  • Cost and time overruns

The agreement contemplates the Financier appointing a representative to oversee the project.  Adaptable to other projects apart from multimedia. ie, suitable for film, tv, etc.. 21 pages long.


Multimedia development finance agreement -FREE SAMPLE


Video distribution agreement

Agreement between a video producer and a distributor. Includes clauses relating to:

  • Producer grants an exclusive licence to distribute
  • Distributor to account to producer
  • Distributor to bear cost of distribution
  • Clearance by government censorship bodies
  • Right to inspect records
  • Warranties & undertakings

. 11 pages long.


Video distribution agreement – FREE SAMPLE


Music publishing agreement

Agreement between a music publisher and a songwriter.

  • Publisher is licenced to publish songs for a specified period
  • Within a territory
  • Rights in songs revert to songwriter after contract expires
  • Advances paid to songwriter
  • Royalties
  • Accounting & reporting procedures

. 10 pages long.


Music publishing agreement – FREE SAMPLE